The Badass is dead! Long live the Badass!

Alas! Alack! Boo! Hiss! Oh bum!

Yes, it is with great, deep, burning regret that the organizers of the galactically famous first ever ultra sportive in Britain have to announce that it will not be taking place in the summer of 2014. 

Atmospheric photo for the purpose of inculcating a moody sense of loss in your soul

Atmospheric photo for the purpose of inculcating a moody sense of loss in your soul

Last week we trundled over to Badass Mansions, and after persuading Mrs. Prof  to open the vast, wooden door that bars entrance to the deep, dank cellar with a wheezy twist of a giant, rusty key we entered the darkness and shouted out:

“Prof! Prof! Are we doing the Badass again next year?”

We were met with a distant, echoing expletive-laden answer that set our poor nerves a janglin’ and our hearts a beatin’ all jaggedy like. We beat a hasty retreat. Apparently, the Prof will be focusing on “other projects” for next year. When we hear more news on what these might be we’ll let you know. What is clear is that they will involve 2 wheels and intense suffering.

But do not fear Badasses! The Bowland Badass lives on as a segment in Stravaland and a GPX file that we can send you. You can ride the Badass anytime you bloody well like! What is more, some local Badasses will be riding out from Badass Headquarters near the end of July 2014 and all Badasses (and their rufty tufty mates) are invited to join us. No signs, no feed stops, just you, your garmin, and a rucksack chock full of pasties, gels, and weeping saddle sore unguent………….Join us again, if you dare!

The Prof pursues other projects

The Prof pursues other projects


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  1. Gutted and relieved in equal measures….

  2. Its a sad day for cycling……

  3. A very sad day, i’m sure a number of my club mates who vowed to ride it next year!!!!! will be quietly relieved. Thanks Prof to you and your helpers, an experience that will never be forgotten. Bob pugh

  4. Glad to hear we can still ride it! How do we get a GPX file?

    Is Mrs Badass expecting little Badasses’ or something?

    Cheers Dave.

    Sent from Samsung MobileBowland Badass wrote:

  5. A sad day for us who needed a goal to aim for in our quest to shed the lard…. 5 stone to be melted away……. :-S

  6. Evening Prof,

    Well I can’t blame you really and I have had ‘fun’ riding it for the last 2 years, questing for the ultimate red and glowing grail. It has definitely been the most fearfully anticipated ride of the year and come up trumps both times.

    I hope the amphibious bike scheme comes off for you.

    So long, and thanks for all the…pain (and highly amusing emails, and samosas and bhajis etc.)

    Cheers, Duncan Davis

    PS I will try to ride the route again next year but will start from Barnoldswick probably. Save me rising at 3.30am – not my best time of day (night).

  7. Guys,

    Keep me posted with a date for the self supported (dare I mention it) audax style badass next summer, there’s at least one other (this years partner in pain) who’s up for riding it unsupported next summer.

    Rgds Mark B

  8. If anyone wants the the GPX file just make a request through the contact page and we’ll send you one…..

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