Bowland Badass Climbs #30 – Long Lane

The Stats

Starts at mile 159.70
Length 0 23 m
Feet of height gain 70
Average gradient 5.8%

Who’d of thought that such an innocuous hill could be the cause of so much teeth-gnashing anguish over the last couple of years? Maybe it’s because it comes so far into the Badass, and by the time you get to it you’ll be licking gobbets of energy gel from your handlebars in a desperate glucose search. Those poor, little legs of yours will be crying out for relief as well. You’ve managed to ignore them thus far, but with the end in sight their clamour for attention is getting unbearable. Except for 2 tiny bumps in Garstang itself (Bruna Hill and Police Hill), it’s all downhill from here on. Honest guv! The local council have also made it easier for you softies by re-clothing it in a cheap and cheerful new surface. Mind you, the last time the Prof looked you needed a compass to navigate your way through the random drifts of loose gravel they left on it…….

Stravasaddoinfopoint: We don’t know why we’re bothering to include this one ( You don’t care do you?


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