Bowland Badass Climbs #28 – Delph Lane

The Stats

Starts at mile 151.20
Length 1.3 m
Feet of height gain 270
Average gradient 3.9%

You climb gradually from the disembowelled dip of Brock Bottom, up, up, up and up. Where does the climb begin you ask? You’ll have been ascending quite a while before you get to the left turn into Delph Lane itself proper, but it’ll only look like a real climb after you make the turn. Anyway, you won’t care at this point about the technical niceties. Just make sure you select your softlad gear early and spin up it nice and easy. Eventually you’ll hit 760 feet and the top of the hill, the highest point left before the finish. It must be all downhill from here surely? Now your heart can start leaping with joy. Why? Because you will be closing out the toughest ride of your life, and will be anticipating exactly what you are going to say in your triumphant address to the nation later on in the pub. Erhm no, it ain’t all downhill from here buddy. You still got a few hard miles to put in, and some of it might get you writing your obituary. Skank that last claggy energy bar from your back pocket. You’ll need it.

Stravasaddoinfopoint: Delph Lane Riser ( starts in Brock Bottom and climbs all the way to the top of Delph Lane where you can enjoy an uninterrupted vista of the Wyre Plain (unless it’s dark or stormy and then of course you’ll see bugger all except perhaps the idea of life’s ultimate futility made real in the rheumy ring of tears washing across your gritty eyeballs).


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