Bowland Badass Climbs #27 – Brock Bottom

The Stats

Starts at mile 149.40
Length 0.22 m
Feet of height gain 85
Average gradient 7.3%

Dropping off Beacon Fell with your feet slack on the pedals and your gel-slimed tongue lolling like a fat, greasy caterpillar in your gob, you plunge ever downwards into a sleepy, little hollow called Brock Bottom. Through this steep-sided, picturesque cleft in the earth Winsnape Brook gurgles and froths, sluicing over rusted rocks in a transparent meander through the burgeoning darkness of a summer evening to the distant sea. What a tranquil, yet somehow disturbing, scene. For the dank, subterranean gloom and limpid waters might very well be those of Acheron, the river of pain that flows into the dolorous realm of Hades. Is now the time for you to die and lie down with all those other lost souls, limp and lifeless, lining its dewy, lotus-covered banks? Is this your chance to meekly submit to a mournful desire to nuzzle into the soft embrace of the underworld nymphs that beckon you from their nearby dusky bowers? No,no, no, no, no! GET A GRIP BADASS!! You only have 18 miles left to ride. Keep those legs turning, stamp on the pedals, and taste blood once more on the 1 in 5 road out of this mythological moshpit. You hit the exit with almost 150 miles on the clock and your thighs screaming like a pair of 3-year olds with a just guzzled litre of full fat coke hitting their bloodstreams. Life doesn’t get any better than this……Sweet 🙂

Stravasaddoinfopoint: There’s a darling segment here called Brock Hole Pedal Stamper ( ). The Prof made it just for you. Believe us, you won’t appreciate it.


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