Bowland Badass Climbs #25 – Chipping 2

The Stats

Starts at mile 143.71
Length 0.74 m
Feet of height gain 171
Average gradient 6.7%

Chipping 2 follows on relentlessly from Chipping 1 after a brief dip. Up and round the corner and it’s over……oh no it isn’t. Keep plugging away past the skanky farm and up that horrid, little steep bit. With the Bowland hills soaring up on your right and the verdant valley floor to your left, you’ll have plenty to distract you. Or maybe you’ll just focus on your bike computer and chunter away to yourself in a low voice heavy with burning regret. Quack! Quack! Was that the plangent call of a passing duck, or did you just receive a worried text from your wife/husband? Who knows? Who cares? Not us smiler. Roll on…..

Stravasaddoinfopoint: Chipping 1 and 2 are combined in one segment because you won’t ride one without riding the other. Make the most of that little dip between them (


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  1. Good word, plangent.
    I shall work it into conversation tomorrow.
    Looking forward to the Badass now and fairly determined to beat 15 hours…

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