Bowland Badass Climbs #24 – Chipping 1

The Stats

Starts at mile 142.9
Length 0.48 m
Feet of height gain 183
Average gradient 4.7%

Chipping is a charming, little village. The climb out of it isn’t. Turn right at the church, take the next right past the now defunct chair factory and soon you’ll be toiling past the duck pond, onto Chipping 1, and cursing us yet again. The draggy hill is more than most men can bear at mile 142, but it must be endured by brave Badasses, dreaming of closing out this hideous ride.

A duck (dead)

A duck (dead)

Why not stop and admire the ducks as they paddle across the water quicker than you can ride by it. What if you just waded in, grabbed one of those little quackers, tore open its slender neck with your gnarly gnashers and drank its blood? You’ve got a toilet duck in your bog…why not an energy duck? Hey Badass! You are hallucinating. Those ducks are not for eating, and they’re not huddled together talking about you, and plotting your imminent incarceration. That job is for your friends and family when you get back. Come on now, only another 24 miles to go. How hard can it be?

Stravasaddoinfopoint: Chipping 1 and 2 are combined in one segment because you won’t ride one without riding the other. Make the most of that little dip between them (


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