Bowland Badass Climbs #19 – Nick of Pendle

The Stats

Starts at mile 115
Length 0.91 m
Feet of height gain 480
Average gradient 10.0%

The downhill into Sabden is a riot. You can play dodgems with the cars coming up the other way on the narrow road. But there’s a fly in the ointment, a rather large fly. 20111028_86You’ll see it up ahead before you drop down into the village. After the steeps of the previous 10 miles this winsome grinder is all you need at 115 miles to push your body into shut down mode. Just under a mile long and with 500 feet of climbing it’s a great place for your head to drop, if you let it. If it all starts going black, just focus on your front wheel because you sure as hell don’t want to be looking up the road at the climb ahead. With an average gradient of 10% it’s got a nice little kicker that rears up at the beginning. It’s just enough for you to go into the red on. It’s also lined with houses so all the residents will be able to see you sobbing. There’s even a nice little parking area on bend near the top where you may see a local hoodie or two in their souped-up Vauxhall Corsa sparking up a big, fat joint. You really must take the time to study the local flora and fauna. It could just distract you from what’s happening to your legs as you groan over the top at 969 feet. You’re not about to die? You’re not trying hard enough!

Stravasaddoinfopoint: This is a well known hill, the site of an official hill climb, and the great and the good have been out to contest it ( Ever seen a guy sitting on rollers next to his car at the bottom of a climb? Yes, it’s one of those.


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