Bowland Badass Climbs #18 – Sabden Fold

The Stats

Starts at mile 112.41
Length 0.24 m
Feet of height gain 83
Average gradient 6.5%

There is another little hill out of the hamlet of Sabden Fold on the way to Sabden proper. We didn’t include it last year in our information posts because it seemed so inconsequential. So why talk about it now? It’s only 83 feet of height gain after all. Ever heard of the phrase “final nail in the coffin”?

Sheep with eyes pecked out

Sheep with eyes pecked out

The truth is that after 112 miles in a hillbilly dip in the middle of nowhere this little scorcher will slit your throat with a rusty razor, reach down your gullet, kick open the creaking door to your heart and jangle your coronary arteries with a sheepshit-covered fist. Here is where you stop to call your Mummy on your mobile phone and cry like a babe (if you can get reception that is). Take a hanky.

Stravasaddoinfopoint: The relevant segment is called Haddings In to croft top ln climb ( It’s a bit of a weird name we know. The Prof says he’s never seen any inns in Sabden Fold, and, bearing in mind the tiny, isolated population of the hamlet, you’re best advised not to stop for a drink; especially if you happen to be wearing a merino wool top. Baaah! We don’t have a photo of Sabden Fold as we’ve always been too scared to stop there (eerie banjo music sounds in background……). However, the Prof has kindly supplied a picture of a deceased sheep to act as a wooly metaphor for the state of your body and soul as you pedal nervously through………


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