Bowland Badass Climbs #15 – Waddington Fell

The Stats

Starts at mile 97.15
Length 2.29 m
Feet of height gain 752
Average gradient 9.4%

 This Bowland big boy towers over Newton and you manglewince your way up it as you head southwards over the top towards the PendleForest area. The “Big Wad” is just an ordinary hill on any other day…..there’s a steep bit, a flatter bit, a twisty bit, a cattle grid, a bleak bit… get the idea. But at 1166 feet and with 752 feet of climbing, this chunky fell needs respect in its own right. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter the two previous leg breakers you might be thinking of it as a mere pimple. Don’t underestimate the rigours of this climb. If you do you’ll be crawling at the top and coughing blood. If you’re lucky though, you might have a tailwind to help blow you up. At 97 miles you might well be praying for one……Did we mention the nice views? Look closely at the photo. Is that the “Evil Anvil” in the distance? Yes, it is. Will you be grinding your way up it? Yes, you will. You’ll be hitting 100 miles distance as you descend. Make the most of your big ring on the way down… won’t be using it much longer.

Stravasaddoinfopoint: Any fast boy worth his salt has shimmied sharply up the Big Wad over the last couple of years and popped his ride on Strava. The leaderboard is populated by the usual bunch of local loonies ( The King on this segment has climbed it in just over 10 minutes. Do not even think about trying to beat this time, even on a training day. There are 2 reasons: 1. You won’t beat it. 2. If you do he will kill you, or kill himself trying to get it back off you.


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