Bowland Badass Climbs #13 – Cross of Greet

The Stats

Starts at mile 82.33
Length 4.73 m
Feet of height gain 887
Average gradient 3.6%

 You know that great feeling you get at the tail end of a hard and hilly 80-mile ride? You’re closing out that last big climb before heading home for a hot shower and a well-deserved cold beer. Ok, you’re blowing a bit hard and suckling needily on that last packet of gel, but you’ve put in a good average speed for the terrain and a decent elapsed time. Your legs are whacked but that sense of achievement that’s glowing inside more than makes up for it right? WRONG!

Mobile chicane

Mobile chicane

Think again Badass! At mile 83 you’ll be churning up the 887 feet it takes to get up Tatham Fell and over the Cross of Greet. At 1396 feet, it’s the highest point in the Bowland Badlands and comes just halfway round your ride. Get this: You still have another hard and hilly 84 miles to ride. Ouch!! It’s also a sucker punch of a climb because you labour heartily over a long but reasonably gentle gradient into a likely prevailing wind before a nice little bit of wiggly down. Put the hammer down, round the cormer, nice ‘n easy lemon squeezy and BLAMMO, it rears up like a palomino pony with a rattlesnake biting it’s jacksy! The climb to the CoG is where most riders start to wonder if they can really do it and begin to seriously question their sanity. Can YOU do it? Hell, we don’t know! Why don’t you enter and live the dream?

Stravasaddoinfopoint: Fastest time on Cross O Greet Riser from the turn in High Bentham to the summit is 20 minutes ( Surely someone can beat that? No? Oh well……


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