Bowland Badass Climbs #4 – Littledale 2

The Stats

Starts at mile 24.97
Length 0.54 m
Feet of height gain 267
Average gradient 9.4%

So, you went like a jolly jackhammer pounding up Littledale 1 and now you’ve reached Crossgill at the base of the Littledale 2 climb puffing like an adder suffering a nasty bout of bronchitis. This often sopping wet and leaf-strewn beauty rears up from the steep-sided valley onto the side of the fell and hits 1 in 5 in places. The road surface is not brilliant so you might want to sit tight on the saddle and keep your legs spinning to save yourself for later. Alternatively, you could burn up it in the big ring like an absolute loon on a 50-mile club ride. It’s up to you. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Once you’ve picked your way through the bumps, ridges, leaves, and impromptu streams at the bottom you climb over a couple of cattle grids to the top, where you’ll be able to feast your eyes on views of the southern lake district’s distant hills. You’ll also be able to consider the interesting juxtaposition between the wind turbines behind you and the nuclear power station out along the coast and consider the impact of global warming on our nation’s future power strategy. Alternatively, you could wazz it at high speed down the steep, single lane descent with blind bends, gnawing at your handlebar like a demented hamster with your arse in the air. It’s up to you.

Stravasaddoinfopoint: Confusingly, this one is also called The Littledale Rd Climb (, and the same cast of players dominates. No Badasses here. This really is time to keep the powder dry and enjoy the scenery.


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