Bowland Badass Climbs #1 – Catshaw Fell

The Stats

Starts at mile 6.67
Length 2 m
Feet of height gain 379
Average gradient 3.6%

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Badass wiggles around a bit at the start, crossing the M6 three times just so you can remind yourself you’ve got a bit of a journey ahead and to give yourself a chance to key your legs in. The first climb up onto the western shoulder of Catshaw Fell gives lovely views out towards the sea and north towards the Lake District. It’s just a chance to spark up your climbing engine. A long, lolloping descent littered with layabout sheep is there for your entertainment. She’s raised her head, she’s stopped chewing, and she’s looking at your front wheel as you approach at speed. Now the question is: Will she, or won’t she? Wahaay! Jam on the anchors….we’ve got a runner! If you make it through the sheep chicane there’s just one sweet, little steep before the left turn to Abbeystead. Big ring it (while you still can)!

Stravasaddoinfopoint: Waste Ln Climb is the relevant segment here( Forget kinging on it as it is part of a CDNW race circuit and a bunch of flying nutters have already been up it in a ferocious chaingang. Remember you will be comparing your time with other Badasses. The segment back down the hill, Abbeystead Dropsy, is owned by Maddog Hindle, a well known suicide merchant, and you’re unlikely to snatch his crown without local knowledge. However, we duly note that Deets managed to do a pretty good impression of throwing himself off a cliff on last summer’s Badass (


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